Septic System Repair & Maintenance

Maintaining your septic system in good working order is a chore most of us would rather leave to someone else. And there is no question it should be handled by professionals. Choosing the right service is critical. Our technicians are factory trained and we are a factory certified on every aerobic septic system.

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Licensed & Insured

Professional Septic Repair

We are registered and licensed with the Illinois Commission and Environmental Quality as both a sludge transporter and septic tank installer and repair. We are a full service septic company, specializing in septic and aerobic tanks.

Convenient Septic

Septic Tank Installation

We provide ourselves on quality work and the best service in northwestern Illinois area. If you are looking for a new septic system or need to replace a failed system, we would like to compete for your business.

Cleaning Your septic

Septic Tank Cleaning

A typical residential septic system is 1,000 gallons. Typical issues that arise are clogged house to tank main sewer lines, malfunctioning pumps, are exceeding normal operating levels or neglected systems that need to be ‘reset’.  Entire septic systems are pumped and cleaned out, according to manufacturer guidelines. During septic cleaning, tanks are washed or agitated to remove sludge and scum.


Septic Pumping

We serve the Sauk Valley, Sterling, Rock Falls and Dixon Illinois areas. When something goes wrong with your septic system, it can go very wrong. A septic system that has been improperly maintained can create a huge mess and smell! Business owners, homeowners, and commercial facility owners cannot afford to have a malfunctioning or backed-up system. Septic cleaning services can provide much needed maintenance to avoid more costly problems and repairs later.